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9:08 p.m. || 2006-02-26
Ugh. Where oh where has my self control gone?

I am seriously going back on a strict diet tomorrow. I am tired of feeling like such an oinker! I am up to about 107 lbs, at least this morning. That isn't including all the junk I have eaten today (Chili's quesadillas, hotdog with some beans, salad, etc).

So. Tomorrow I am starting the day without weighing myself for once and with a giant glass of water. Water at mid day. Water at noon. Water mid afternoon. Water at work. Water, water, water. I am convinced that more water will fix my stupid appetite.

Something must, anyway.

At least I am only purging once a day now (well, most days). T. is happy I have put on weight, but I feel so large. I really must get back to 100. Maybe to 95 just to be safe in case this happens again, so I won't go over 100.

Anyway, enough obsessing. I managed to get through my speech on Friday. I probably did not do too well, but at least I did it!

I have two tests on Monday, and I really must get working on my papers over spring break. I want them to be done by the time the break is over. It will make my life easier!

My baby kitten is 3 weeks old now. 4 or 5 more weeks and I get to go see her again. Maybe only 3 more weeks. I can't wait!

So far the names I have are:


If anyone has any more cute ideas, please post them in my guestbook or email then to me. Also, please let me know which you like best. :)

Really I must learn to stop hating myself so much! And I must find some damned motivation! Where do they sell energy at these days?

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